Shigeo Tokuda – Japan’s Oldest AV Actor at 80 – Interview

Respect for the Aged Day – Japan’s Oldest AV Actor @ 80

According to the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare in Japan, at the time of the 15th of September, the number of the elderly over the age of 100 nationwide have reached to the record number of 58,820 people. Amid cheerful elderly increases, Mr. Shigeo Tokuda, Japan’s, nay, World’s Oldest Male AV actor (male porn actor) had his quiet birthday on August 18 and became 80 years old. Not only he can have good erection but he is still very much active in sex life. Today he is here to initiate readers into the secrets of his miraculous sexual power.


Mr.Tokuda’s occupation is that of an AV actor. He is a living legend. We interviewed him several times before, the man who was recognized by US TV station CNN as “World’s Oldest Male Porn Actor” and after he reached the milestone of 80 years old, we asked Mr “the secret of no withering libido”.  Q& A below -

80 year old AV actor from Japan, Shigeo Tokuda

Japan’s Oldest AV Actor at 80

Tokyo-Sports - Congratulations on your 80th year birthday.

Mr. Tokuda: Thank you. The last work in my 70s was the AV that takes place in a nursing home and I do naughty things to a female helper. The first work after 80th birthday was “Forbidden-care”. ( An extremely popular av series, a caregiver, like a daughter-in-law or home helper has sex with a elderly man they take care of )


Tokyo-Sports - How often do you star in AV shoots?

Mr. Tokuda – 3 to 4 this month. Not as often as before.

Tokyo-Sports - Still amazing, but have you had erection problems?

Mr. Tokuda - I’ve rarely lost control (of my penis).  When there are more than one (male actors in a shoot), not very good. I’m good at one on one.

Tokyo-Sports - And erection duration, the number of ejaculations per month

Mr.Tokuda - About 2 to 3 minutes.  For ejaculation, with masturbation and shoots, about 6 to 7 times

Tokyo-Sports - I am surprised to hear you also masturbate.

Mr. Tokuda – I do it when my Mrs. is out, when she is not watching me, just I don’t like it. I do it when she’s gone.


Tokyo-Sports - What do you watch when you masturbate?

Mr. Tokuda -  AV titles I was featured in. When I watch them, I can relive (sex) the scene with the AV actresses even though that is only a temporary thing on a stage. 

Tokyo-Sports – Your favorite AV actresses?

Mr. Tokuda – Mizuho Takamura-san and Hitomi Enjo-san.  I prefer ladies who are in their 30s and 40s.  They are reassuring.

Tokyo-Sports - I want to know the secret of your sexual energy.  How long do you sleep?

Mr. Tokuda: It is different from day to day, but I sleep about 10 hours. I go to bed about 10:30pm, wake once at dawn to use the bathroom, then I go back to bed and get up at 8:30.  I sleep deepest from 7 to 8 in the morning.

Tokyo-Sports - Daily routine and diet?

Mr. Tokuda: I wake up in the morning, wash my face and drink a glass of cold water. That helps for a bowel movement. I  have rice for light breakfast, noodles or bread for lunch and have rice for a good dinner. I eat meat only for dinner. I don’t like the fatty parts, though. I like chicken the most. I always check blood pressure day and night. Systolic is usually between 110 and 120.

Tokyo-Sports - Frankly , what is the food that works down there? (for your penis health)

Mr Tokuda – I used to eat natto (fermented soybeans) before I had heart disease, but I stopped as they don’t mix well with my medication. Instead, I often have yamaimo (Japanese mountain yam). Also vegetables and eggs. Omelet rice, sunny-side up, anything that uses eggs.

gg114Tokyo-Sports - Will you be shocked if you won’t have anymore erection?

Mr. Tokuda – Well, considering my age. I must go with the flow.

Tokyo-Sports - Until what age will you continue to be in AV?

Mr. Tokuda – Til now, I thought I would be able to continue to 80 years old. I’ve just reached the point, so from now on, I just show up whenever I am called.

Tokyo-Sports - The elderly population has increased in Japan, but super old man like Mr Tokuda is rare. Various problems such as nursing care and medical care have been increasing or erupting, rapidly as the elderly population is growing quickly. The lack of a growing younger population creates problems for everyone, including the elderly generation. There are fewer care givers and facilities paid for by taxes collected are also dwindling.

Tokyo-SportsMr Tokuda, it’s bad for me to say this, you don’t need to take the elderly too seriously. When the time comes, you should let them go quickly. You don’t need to prolong life after the elder lose consciousness. Elder-to-elder nursing tends to narrow your views. We should relax ourselves more.

Tokyo-Sports – Let me interview you as an AV actor –at 90-year-old, even at 100 years old

Mr. Tokuda – Ha ha ha. I don’t know. If I will be still on demand. I’ll do my best.

 (Interview Tsukada Ken Makoto)


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Kabukicho Boob-A-Thon More than an Oppai Grope

Annual AIDS benefit in Kabukicho

Warming up rubber model prepares you to rub and grope

Kabukicho AV idol Charity Boob-A-Thon More than an Oppai Grope. Every year around this time for the past 12 or so AV idols in Tokyo share their boobs to their happy fans. This is not just for sexual pleasure and fun otaku groping time. This annual benefit raises money for local AIDS charities and to extend awareness about AIDS and STDs to the active Japanese men who are out there enjoying, well, sex.

The idols have been happy to participate. Iku Sakuragi noted, “I am happy to share my boobs with my fans for this. I wish every man in japan can come today and feel my breasts. This is a great cause.”

Japanese av idols share their yummy oppai

AV idols boob-a-thon participants

The men make a minimal donation (1000 to 2000 yen – $10-$20) for the chance to grope each idol, twice. Two rubs then you move on to the next sweet Japanese av idol.

Annual AIDS benefit in Kabukicho

AV Idols lined up over their beautiful breasts for squeezings

Seems like a bargain to us at twice the price. these idols are cheerful and happy and love doing their part to help men and women across Japan enjoy and healthier and safer sex life. After all, these idols earn well from a safe and vibrant sex industry, said to be one of the largest in the world.

Annual AIDS benefit in Kabukicho

Happy gropers all lined up to rub oppai

Japanese and foreigners queue up to have their chance for some nice oppai (breasts) rubbing action. After making their donation, each participant is given hand sanitizer to make sure they are super clean before the oppai rubbing begins.

Today was really happy day for the mas of otaku lined up and for the charities who are glad to receive the assistance.



Red Hot Jam 339: Ichika Morisawa, Ayumi Takayama – RHJ-339

Ichika Morisawa and Ayumi Takayama Tag Time 3-Sum for Perverted Japanese fetish Sex

JAV idols Ichika Morisawa, Ayumi Takayama star in RHJ-339 -

Ichika Morisawa, Ayumi Takayama – RHJ-339


Starring: Ichika Morisawa, Ayumi Takayama
Length: 120 min
Release Date: 6/18/2014

Ichika Morisawa, Ayumi Takayama, RHJ-339 -
Series: Red Hot Jam
Studio: Red Hot Collection
Media: DVD

1) Picking up a cute waitress – toy play, blowjob, bareback, creampie
2) Mixed bath hot spring trip with 2 girls – 2 girl blowjob, bareback, creampie, 2 girl 1 man threesome


Ichika Morisawa, Ayumi Takayama
Big tits Japanese teen shows off her boobs and shaved pussy

 Ichika Morisawa, Ayumi Takayama - RHJ-339

Shoten (Orgasm) – TV Show Spoof Japanese group sex – RHJ-340

Japanese group sex and Orgasm TV show - rhj-340

Kaede Niiyama, Yume Mizuki, Sakura Aoi, Kyouka Makimura, Hikari

Starring: Kaede Niiyama, Yume Mizuki, Sakura Aoi, Kyouka Makimura, Hikari
Length: 120 min
Release Date: 6/25/2014
Series: Red Hot Jam
Studio: Red Hot Collection
Media: DVD

Japanese group sex and pub sex scenarios - RHJ-340

Starring: Kaede Niiyama, Yume Mizuki, Sakura Aoi, Kyouka Makimura, Hikari

1) Pervert Pub – sexy waitresses serves business men. blowjob, kitchen sex, bareback, 2 girls and 1 man threesome

1) Shoten (Orgasm) – TV Show Spoof Japanese group sex

Group sex with Kaede Niiyama, Yume Mizuki, Sakura Aoi, Kyouka Makimura, Hikari

Group sex daisy chain on REDHOT Jam 340

Great View of Big tits Babe, the Beautiful Hana Yoshida BT-136

Hana is one of the truly hot girls to come out of Tokyo AV in some time. An 11 out of 10.


Hana Yoshida, BT-136 -

Big tits Beauty, Hana Yoshida

Starring: Hana Yoshida
Length: 130 min
Release Date: 5/17/2014
Series: Buri no Teriyaki
Studio: Studio Teriyaki
Media: DVD

Great View of Hana Yoshida
1) Dildo masturbation
2) sexy Lingerie & Fishnet stocking sex

Bring an OL to home after company party
1) Seduced during a party
2) Drenching wet pussy bareback

Japanese AV Idol Hana Yoshida

Stunning JAV Idol Hana Yoshida in body stocking and dildo play