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Former AV Idol Yuma Asami writes her life story in “Restart: Believe in Yourself”

TOKYO (TR) – Early last year, former adult video (AV) star Yuma Asami shocked the industry and her fans with revelations that she was battling ovarian cancer.

[ed. Kam Kitano, Kabukicho-Girls.com] Asami Yuma is one of the most loved AV idols of the last 15 years. Her warm beauty, fantastic figure and oral skills keep her in the hearts, minds and cocks of fans worldwide. It is wonderful to hear she is on the road to healing and is kickstarting the next phase of her amazing life with her autobiography, “Restart: Believe in Yourself” released this month through  Kodansha Books.]

Now on the road to recovery, the ex-starlet announced on Tuesday that she has written an autobiography, reports Sankei Sports (Apr. 9).

Scheduled to be released on May 8 by publisher Kodansha, “Restart: Believe In Yourself” includes the reasons for why she became an AV star, some family secrets and insights into the struggles she faced following surgery.

“Even though I hit a roadblock in my life I didn’t want to give in,” the former actress is quoted.

Asami began suffering from stomach problems in January of last year. Ovarian cancer was discovered following a subsequent MRI exam.

The following month, Asami had surgery to remove a tumor — classified as being between malignant and benign — in one of her ovaries. Doctors also removed her uterus and ovaries.

Asami, a native of Gunma Prefecture, was a member of Ebisu Muscats, a pop group of gravure (pin-up) models and AV idols which ended activities following a farewell tour in April of last year.

In 2005, Asami made her AV debut for label Alice Japan with “Innocent Hard-Core” and “New Face Risky Mosaic” for S1. Three years later, she took the Most Appearances title at the Sky PerfecTV! AV awards.

Last August, Asami announced that she had completed six cancer treatments for ovarian cancer.

She resumed her career as a gravure (pin-up) model in the fall. In a clip posted on YouTube, she said that her prognosis going forward was favorable.

“This is a new me,” she said in referring to the title of the book. “There is no ‘reset’ in life.”

Beat Takeshi’s “Outrage” Comes to Real life in Ghana Embassy Casino in Shibuya

Here is a news story reported by The Tokyo Reporter last month where life is imitating art. Remember Takeshi Kitano‘s great gangster movie OUTRAGE? A sub plot has a yakuza gang blackmailing an Ambassador from Africa in order to run a Casino though the auspices of his Embassy. Just last month, TMP made a raid on a suite of offices in Dogenzaka.

Was Takeshi hip to the scheme? I suspect everyone in the mizu shobai from Kabukicho to Shibuya to Ueno knows this crap goes on with mafias fronting as Embassies.  Heard about the Nigerian Mafia’s doping scandals?  That’s up next.  How common is this scheme? Remember a year or two ago the North Korean Mission office in Moscow was raided over reports of prostitution, gambling, drugs and luxury product smuggling? Life goes on in the world of the elite while the rest of us just try to make it one day at a time.

TOKYO (TR) – Tokyo Metropolitan Police on Wednesday announced the raid earlier this month of a casino in the Shibuya entertainment area connected to the Embassy of Ghana, reports TV Asahi(Mar. 19).


On March 5 at 11:30 p.m., officers arrested manager Hiroyuki Yamanoi, 35, and nine other employees for providing illegal baccarat gambling inside a casino occupying the entire sixth floor of a multi-tenant building located in Dogenzaka. Two customers on the premises at the time were also taken into custody.

Officers seized two baccarat tables and 12 million yen in cash, according to public broadcaster NHK (Dec. 19).

In September of 2012, a rental contract requiring payment of 500,000 yen per month was written using the name of the previous ambassador to Ghana. The document was signed at the ambassador’s official residence and supported by diplomatic identification.

In March of last year, the name on the contract was changed to that of the current ambassador, Edmond Kofi Agbenutse Deh.

The name of the ambassador appeared on a placard placed at the entrance of the casino. The ambassador also reportedly visited the casino.

“I thought diplomatic immunity was applicable through the Embassy of Ghana, and we would not be caught by the police,” one of the suspects is quoted by investigators.

Over the past 17 months, the operation collected 200 million yen in revenue.

According to the Mainichi Shimbun (Mar. 19), a casino paying remuneration to a diplomat with the Embassy of Côte d’Ivoire was busted in 2010.

Sky Angel 171: Hikaru Morikawa — SKY-287

Japanese porn babe Hikaru Morikawa debuts her uncensored Japanese pussy on SKY-287. Hikaru’s DVD is a mix of sexy and depraved, BDSM and bukkake and some old fashioned Japanese hardcore fucking. Hikaru is one of the new wave of HOT Japanese teens to hit the Tokyo porn circuit and her shows at the Happy Hour Theatre are showing this slutty little superstar has a long way to go in the Japanese adult business here in Tokyo. Come for the hot body and stay for Hikaru’s huger for cock and cum.

Sky Angel 171: Hikaru Morikawa  –  SKY-287

Sky High Entertainment, Hikaru Morikawa, SKY-287 - Kabukicho-Girls.com

Starring: Hikaru Morikawa
Length: 110 min
Release Date: 2/05/2014
Series: Sky Angel
Studio: Sky High Entertainment
Media: DVD

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3) Serving submissive maid creampie fuck
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Sky High Entertainment, Hikaru Morikawa, SKY-287 - Kabukicho-Girls.com

From bukkake to double penetration, chijo cougar Rei Furuse’s hardest fuck!

Bukkake Jukujo 9: Rei Furuse — SKY-286

From bukkake to double penetration, chijo cougar Rei Furuse’s hardest fuck! – Japanese porn idol, JAV Star Rei Furuse is proving herself to be the number 1 perverted Japanese bitch, AKA Chijo, coming out of Tokyo. SKY-286 delivers bukkake, sloppy blowjobs, anal and double penetrations with thick fat cocks that split this Japanese bitch wide open…almost. Stay tuned for more perversion from Rei Furuse and the family at Sky Angel.

From bukkake to double penetration, chijo cougar Rei Furuse's hardest fuck!

Starring: Rei Furuse
Length: 110 min
Release Date: 1/22/2014
Studio: Sky High Entertainment
Media: DVD (Blu-ray version is available)

From bukkake to double penetration, chijo cougar Rei Furuse's hardest fuck!

From bukkake to double penetration, chijo cougar Rei Furuse’s hardest fuck!
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From bukkake to double penetration, chijo cougar Rei Furuse's hardest fuck!

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Gorgeous big tits beauty Nami Itoshino likes big engines in hard bodies

Red Hot Jam 321: Nami Itoshino, Runa, Yuri Sato, Tsubasa Miyashi – RHJ-321

 4 race queens turn JAV idols have a gangbang orgy after the races

4 JAV idols, Nami Itoshino, Runa, Yuri Sato, and Tsubasa Miyashi become race queens for a day. After the races the girls invite their driver hunks back to the pits for a Japanese orgy of Daytona proportions.  Nami is THE “It” girl of 2014. Her beauty, big tits and fucking skills inspire the other JAV idols on RHJ-321 to put forth their best efforts. If you like hot Japanese women, motorcycles and race queen scenarios you are going to LOVE this movie.

Starring: Nami Itoshino, Runa, Yuri Sato , Tsubasa Miyashita
Length: 120 min
Release Date: 2/05/2014
Series: Red Hot Jam
Studio: Red Hot Collection
Media: DVD

1) Race queens group sex after a motor show – Nami Itoshino, Runa & Yuri Sato
2) Kuro Gyaru (tanned gal) race queen creampie – Tsubasa Miyashita
Gorgeous big tits beauty Nami Itoshino likes big engines in hard bodies

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Red Hot Jam 321 - 4 JAV idols, Nami Itoshino, Runa, Yuri Sato, and Tsubasa Miyashi

Japanese Bukkake
Japanese Bukkake