Dirty Cheerleader Slut Yua Saiki on RED Hot JAM-358

JAV DVD Idol Yua Saiki - REDHOTJAM - 358 - Kabukicho-Girls.com

Yua Saiki – The cheerleader we fucked and the cheerleader we wanted to fuck – RHJ-358

Fooled by school classmates – Let’s face it – “Most” cheerleaders are not the sharpest tools in the shed and Yua Saiki is not not so sharp. Her classmates are grateful for that fact as they lure her to the locker room for some after school blowjobs and hard bareback fucking. She models her cheerleader’s outfit for her horny friends but soon one of them produces a toy they want her to give a try, you know, for the team and the school spirit, rah rah!. Yua gives the pussy sex toy a try and soon she is cumming and starting to think about grabbing some cock. In no time her mouth is stuffed with dick and her pussy is dripping pure Japanese honey. Not to be a party pooper, Yua lines up her buddies and fucks all of them bareback until her tight little Japanese pussy is filled with high school student nut sauce. Yay, TEAM!!!


Kokona Sakurai – New Queen of the Handjob, Blowjob Bukkake Fetishes?

Kokona Sakurai - SKY-311 - Kabukicho-Girls.com

Office Lady Kokona Sakurai licks her lips after a bukkake coffee break – SKY-311 – Kabukicho-Girls.com

Kokona Sakurai knows what men like. Hot, dirty women who do the things we need to get done. Bukkake and handjobs in a group really turn this JAV Idol on. The more cum, the more cocks and this babe is wetter than an otter in heat.

Big tits Jukujo Rei Kitajima uses her body and sex technique

Dirty-Minded Wife Advent 50: Rei Kitajima SKY-310

Japanese jukujo fucks her way to top of company - Dirty-Minded Wife Advent 50: Rei Kitajima SKY-310

Hot sex loving Jukujo Rei Kitajima – SKY-310

Big tits Jukujo Rei Kitajima uses her body and sex technique and becomes a top life insurance saleswoman at a major insurance company.

Sales of New Insurance named Oshaburi (sucking) De Sky – Rei Kitajima quickly develops a reputation for great oral skills. Her bosses and her top clients confirm she can suck the blue right from the sky.

Sales of high income client only new insurance “Hameremasu” (you can *put* it). For her best clients Rei gives them the privilege of dropping their loads anywhere they want to. On her face, in her mouth, in her pussy. Rei is quite agreeable in the way f “hameremasu”if your cum arrives with a fat insurance agreement.

Corporate customers only “Kakehodai.” Kakehodai literally means, “water everywhere.” In this case we are talking about bukkake water spraying everywhere Rei Kitajima can be found. She gives titty fucks for pearl necklaces and enjoys sucking her clients and letting their balls release into her warm and sucking mouth. Rei Kitajima may not be the insurance sales woman you have but Rei is the one you want. Without question.


Paipan Gal Creampie: Runa – Pink Champagne PINK-003

Runa, Japanese JAV DVD Idol with shaved pussy - Kabukicho-Girls.com

Runa – Paipan Gal Sex – Pink Champagne – PINK-003 – Kabukicho-Girls.com

Japanese beauty Runa is a paipan gal (shaved pussy) who loves bukkake, threesomes and lots of cum creme in her tight Japanese pussy. Uncensored JAV DVD from Tokyo, Runa also plays the schoolgirl in sexy swimsuit who gets facefucked before a full body bukkake.